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William Ford II
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Starfighter101 (brother)
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Me: I'm William Duncan Ford II. I'm probably one of the craziest people you'll meet. But I'm crazy in a good way. Don't take this wrong way, But I am a lot of levels of awesome-ness.

I'm also autistic. Aspergers syndrome to be more specific. It is NOT pronounced as Ass-Burgers! Get that through your heads right now or I will throw burgers at you and sit on a chair using my ass.

Also: I am Bi-sexual. I am going to put that out right now. To be more specific: I am Bi-Hetero. This means I am Bi, but I lean more towards females for my attraction.

Now you know why there are so many male characters in latex in my gallery.

Don't ask why I have that sexual preference. I'd rather not talk about it.

How I started drawing:
I really did not start drawing until I was until in 5th grade. up until the start of tenth grade, I kept using lined paper for everything. I even did some Stick figure comics during Middle school (minor note: My former school counted 5 - 8 as middle and 9 - 12 as high). After I got off of Lined paper, I went to Graphing paper. I had officialy decieded Lined was an eye sore. I did a fair amount of drawings then. But soon I ultimately Switched to normal printer paper. Anime has pretty much been the only thing I can draw. over the years my Anime drawings Slowly improved. I am still getting better, but basically I have always liked Anime. you can see what i like through drawings and my interests. alright, thats enough for now. I will put things up in my journals.

Five nights at Freddy's 3 trailer Analysis

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 12:57 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: AC/DC
  • Watching: Magi
  • Playing: Persona 2: Eternal punishment/Kingdom Hearts 2 FM
  • Eating: sandwhich
  • Drinking: koolaid
Well, this WAS going to be uploaded earlier, but The power went out and my internet went down. So here is what I was typing:

So Five nights at Freddy's 3 is coming and I would of had this up earlier, but :iconanuvis1: was at my house and we were having a discussion about Assassins Creed Unity. Any ways, yeah the FNAF 3 teaser is out. I watched WiiDude83 react to it... it counts. Anyways, I need to get on the FNAF 3 hype train: Hype-train has no breaks by Jupiterjumper2.

Pictures from this point on were uploaded by :iconkinginbros2011:


So apparently one of the restaurants is being turned into a horror attraction. Alright, I can see that perfectly. Well played Scott. Also Scott appears to be using a 3D engine this time around rather than the previous 2D engine... at least for the trailer. I hope it's used for the game. Also we are getting a new golden animatronic! It appears to a bunny who is all beat up. A lot of people think it is a golden bonnie. For now, I agree until it's proven wrong.


Anyways, we got a look at the new office.The new jumpscare by kinginbros2011  I have to admit, that window is going to create some scary situations. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the animatronics is going to plop itself against the window and be like "what's up bro?" I'm already shaking in my boots.

He's watching you... by kinginbros2011 I like what we got here with the new security tablet. There is only one entrance and you can somewhat see behind the tablet off to the left. Very interesting I have to say. Also Golden Bonnie is right there and looks very creepy.

The new menu by kinginbros2011 Well this is very interesting. Apparently this new animatronic is going to be messing with the building and you will be able to reset everything to fix the issues. I certainly approve of this.

And let's get to my favorite thing out of this whole thing: Creepy as hell by kinginbros2011 Golden Bonnie. I actually think it's cute.... what? why are you looking at me weird? Anyways, I really like this new animatronic. Yes, he is now my favorite animatronic.

Will I be getting FNAF 3 when it comes out? Hell yeah. And this time I am not watching any game play of it before I play. I want to have my pants scared off this time.

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