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William Ford II
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Before we get into the info about me, I just want to let you all know that I am a sucker for anything with a black and red color scheme... actually I'm a sucker for any dual color scheme with black in it now that I think about it.

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Art Policy: Since I only do requests and trades with and for friends, they know what I draw and I know what they draw.

I'm also available for podcast's, interviews, etc, and all that good stuff. Don't know why anyone would want to feature me as a guest, but hey, I might as well put this out there.

Main Twitter account @ChaoticTKnight

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Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 4742-4902-6064
I provide a Dark type friend safari for Pokémon X and Y.

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Warframe: Thoughts and stuff - round 2

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 8, 2016, 9:37 PM
  • Listening to: (music in general)
  • Reading: Bionicle: Revenge of the Skull Spiders
  • Watching: The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Eating: Pizza bread
  • Drinking: Kool-aid
Hmmm... maybe I should have held off on doing the first thoughts and stuff journal...

So if you haven't read my initial thoughts and stuff, read it before you read this: Warframe: Thoughts and stuff It will put context on what I say.

Time for round two ladies and gentlemen.


You know how I said it was handled well? Let me re-phrase that: It is handled somewhat well. Yes, stuff you can buy with Platinum you can earn in game. But here is the catch: Let's say you just got all the parts to a warframe you want and you have 2 slots filled with your current warframes. You either need to get lucky and have someone give you some platinum or buy the platinum you need for more slots. Also almost all of the visual customization's require platinum... yeah, you heard right. I believe you can get them through alert missions, but I usually get credit-reward alerts...

To be fair, when I said the micro-transactions were handled well, this was before I found out the ugly side to all of this. So it wasn't like I was ignoring obvious flaws.

To be fair, again, at least we're not having pay walls shoved in our faces. So yeah, the Micro transactions are far from perfect, but I still think they were handled well for the most part.

The wait times:

3 days for one warframe, 3 days for an arch wing, 12 hours for a standard weapon, 6 hours for a quest... remember when I said you can do other things? I can't believe I defended these asinine wait times. Yes, the game is still playable and viable, but these wait times feel like a slap to the face. Again, I should have held off for the first thoughts and stuff I did for Warframe. I don't mind waiting, but it does get irritating.

The drop rates:

I KEEP...GETTING...DUPLICATES. Would someone please fix the freaking drop rates so the game is less tedious when I am trying to get Warframe parts? I only say this because I was trying to get the blueprints for the rhino warframe components and I ended up with 13 of both the helmet and the chassis. I was able to sell them and get a bunch of credits, but still.

The locations:

While there are some locations that look really cool, the game does take some liberties it doesn't deserve. Somehow, Mar's moon Phobos turned into a second earth. Somehow, all of earth is a jungle. SOMEHOW, YOU CAN ACTUALLY WALK AROUND ON A SPACE STATION HOVERING IN JUPITER'S ATMOSPHERE. Guys, suspension of disbelief only goes so far when I am walking around under the atmosphere of a gas giant that can crush satellites with the pressure of it's atmosphere. Also seeing an Earth map on another planet just because it is a Grineer level is a little irritating. But at least the maps are randomly generated (to an extent).

BUT! I do have some more good things I want to talk about. This journal was going to be the journal about my nitpicks of Warframe, but that I found some more cool stuff I want to talk about.

The Villains/anti-heroes:

Maroo and Alad V are my favorite characters right now. Maroo is a female thief full of sass and wit. He banter with the lotus is priceless. It honestly reminded me of the conversations you seen between characters in Kid Icarus Uprising.

Alad V... holy crap this villain for me so far is a breath of fresh air. Ever since I have gotten caught up with gaming (when I got my PS3), none of the villains I encountered interested me all that much. Shao Kahn, Sinister, Lord Gwyn, Nashandra, Alduin... none of these villains really interested me. They all bore me. Now, Alad V is a different story. The first time I saw him, I said "Wow, he's arrogant..." This is the first time in a long ass time where I have made a remark about a villain. And then the Lotus revealed more about him and he started taunting me. And then I fought him. Yeah, the fight was annoying alone, but to be fair he is a Corpus. Anyways: He is arrogant, greedy, proud, cocky and makes foolish decisions. But to me, he has a level of charisma that I like. So far I have completed Patient Zero in his story. My opinions may change as time goes on, but as it stands he is one of my favorite characters.

Also I have to say: I am impressed by Vay Hek. Apperently he hijacked one of the developer live streams to taunt/threaten all of the warframe players (addressing them as Tenno in character of course). I watched that clip... now that is what I am talking about.

In short: The Warframe Villains are impressing me so far. Can't pass a final verdict until I finish the current quest lineup though.

The Mods and Elemental damage types:

I think the Mod system is often. Theoretically you can literally use any weapon you want and it pretty much looks like people have done that. The mods allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to upgrading your weapons.

I love the elemental damage types in this game. You get Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity. This is your standard elemental damage deal, so what is so special about it? If you put two different Elemental mods on a weapon, they combine to make a new element.

Heat + Cold = Blast Damage (which focuses on stunning enemies)
Heat + Toxin = Gas (a variant of Posion DOT)
Heat + Electricity = Radiation (Causes confusion in the enemies)
Cold + Electricity = Magnetic (good for taking out enemy shields)
Electricity + Toxin = Corrosive (Effective against armor
Cold + Toxin = Viral (reduces the enemies health)

I freaking love this aspect of the mod system. I have done this multiple times and it is fun to do. I love seeing the element mods I equip turn into new elements. Plus it allows you to spec your weapon to meet the needs of a mission. Going to exterminate a bunch of shield-using corpus? bring a magnetic weapon. Defending a machine against Grineer? Upgrade your weapon with corrosion to eat through their armor.

That is all I can think of for now. I'll probably end up doing a round three as there more stuff I want to talk about. Despite my complaints: This game is free...

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