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Me: I'm William Duncan Ford II. I'm probably one of the craziest people you'll meet. But I'm crazy in a good way. Don't take this wrong way, But I am a lot of levels of awesome-ness.

I'm also autistic. Aspergers syndrome to be more specific. It is NOT pronounced as Ass-Burgers! Get that through your heads right now or I will throw burgers at you and sit on a chair using my ass.

How I started drawing:
I really did not start drawing until I was until in 5th grade. up until the start of tenth grade, I kept using lined paper for everything. I even did some Stick figure comics during Middle school (minor note: My former school counted 5 - 8 as middle and 9 - 12 as high). After I got off of Lined paper, I went to Graphing paper. I had officialy decieded Lined was an eye sore. I did a fair amount of drawings then. But soon I ultimately Switched to normal printer paper. Anime has pretty much been the only thing I can draw. over the years my Anime drawings Slowly improved. I am still getting better, but basically I have always liked Anime. you can see what i like through drawings and my interests. alright, thats enough for now. I will put things up in my journals.

Yeah, late night journal entry!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 12:09 AM
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: KMFDM
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl: The Artic Incident
  • Watching: Guren Lagann
  • Playing: Digimon World Dawn
  • Eating: Sandwhich
  • Drinking: Kool-Aid
Disclaimer: This journal will be heavily opinionated.

If you got high powered binoculars, look at the moon when it's full. It is freaking awesome.

Anyways, I am glad I never got to watch the original Evangelion series a.k.a Neon Genesis Evangelion. So recently I discovered his holiness, Bennett the sage. I've been watching his reviews and naturally I watched his reviews of the Evangelion movies (death and rebirth/End of Evangelion). Holy crap, the original NGE is terrible. And no, I am not saying this because I like Sage. I genuinely agree with him on the issues he pointed out. And with all these Revelations in mind, I want to re-watch the rebuilds now.

Allow me to explain my actions and views before you get mad at me.

From what I am gathering, the biggest issue with NGE is that it's characters are botched and the series is very pretentious...and a mess. I think we call agree Shinji and Asuka are annoying. I only watched a review of the movies and I am annoyed with them! Good lord, how do you mess up characters this badly? Shinji's biggest problem in my view is that he is unlikeable. Sage pointed out that we are not supposed to like Shinji, we're supposed to understand him. I take issue with this (the Anime, not Sage). Likeability should not take a backseat to understanding. You need to balance these two aspects. Why should I support a character I am not going to like? Seriously, I want you to answer that question. I do not like NGE Shinji, plain and simple. I find him very annoying...AND THIS IS ALL COMING FROM A REVIEW OF THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!

So what about Asuka? Asuka is like a sandwich with no bread: no support for her character. Why is she like the way she is? She's a jack ass... and the only reason given is that her mom died at the hands of an angel. Alright, but what about the other stuff? And there is another thing I want to talk about: Why does Shinji like her? Asuka pretty much abuses Shinji left and right. Hormones? Really? I am sorry, but Shinji is not a character who would let his hormones take over. He's too much of a wimp for that. He even admits that in the series.

Another thing that I take issue with (that is something I take legitimate issue with) is how inappropriate NGE is. Yes, I know this is an adult anime, but I found the nudity and vulgarity out of place. I can let casual swearing fly, but I get annoyed when I constantly hear the F-bomb in a non comedic setting. You can have an adult story without excessive vulgarity. And the nudity... did we forget the main characters are 14? Yes, Sage had to throw in Censor Kaiser for Asuka taking a bath. Why are there scenes like this in NGE? Why?

Keep in mind I only watched a review. Let's continue.

I never thought I would go into a rant from a clip from a review, but NGE managed to accomplish this. Sage naturally showed the scenes where NOTHING HAPPENS. Yes, there are scenes where literally NOTHING HAPPENS. This is so pretentious it's not funny. Why? This is such a massive waste of budget it's not funny. I heard the show had budget issues and I can see where they came from...partially. But back to the nothing scenes; I actually thought the video was frozen. Yes, it was that bad. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THESE SCENES? Obviously there was a point, but I am to distracted by the fact that the writers actually had the balls to add in a scene were nothing happens. And no, Asuka hiccuping does not fix this issue. Also the scene from EOE where 01 is holding Kaworu is pretty bad too. It's made even worse by the fact that there is classical music in the background and IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF AN IMPORTANT SCENE! Grade A pretension at it's finest. Not to mention it's creepy as all hell. I am dead serious, the scene delves head first into the uncanny valley.

But does this affect my opinions of the rebuilds? Simply put: it doesn't. I never got any vibes of issues from the rebuilds (referring to the issues of NGE. Trust me, I do have issues with the rebuilds). I actually like Rebuild Shinji. I think what the rebuilds do that make me like it is the fact that they are fast paced movies... and they made the characters likeable. But getting back to pacing and all that good stuff: I think NGE's length was also a big issue when it came to the series as a whole. The length made the original, intelligent viewers realize how much they disliked the original versions of the characters. The characters remaining annoying throughout the original did not help either. In the rebuilds, everything has to move along because they only got so long to tell the story. The characters also felt more human to me. I can't believe I am saying this, but they were more than just characters to me.

Now hold up, my opinion could easily change when I go to re-watch the rebuild movies like I said I would. I could easily be mistaken about the rebuilds, but I don't think I am. But we shall see later. I will do a follow up update after I re-watch 1.11 and 2.22. You should also check this out by the way Evangelion Rebuild (1.11 and 2.22) It was my initial reaction to the rebuilds. I know, I praised the rebuilds left and right, but I can still find issue in them. But at the moment, I don't think there issues are as bad as the issues from the original NGE.

Guys, all I ask is that you stay mature and respectful. If you disagree with me, so be it. Just be civil about it. I could always be wrong or looking at things from the wrong angle.

Stay Frosty everyone!


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