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Check these out. it's what the name of the folder says.



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William Ford II
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Before we get into the info about me, I just want to let you all know that I am a sucker for anything with a black and red color scheme... actually I'm a sucker for any dual color scheme with black in it now that I think about it.

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Art Policy: Since I only do requests and trades with and for friends, they know what I draw and I know what they draw.

I'm also available for podcast's, interviews, etc, and all that good stuff. Don't know why anyone would want to feature me as a guest, but hey, I might as well put this out there.

Main Twitter account @ChaoticTKnight

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Finally back on my laptop and I don't have anything ready to post...dang it...
Alright, now I am back on my laptop. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.
I feel I should clarify something before some troll labels me as an SJW. In my previous status I basically said Ghostbusters (2016) is not sexist Propaganda....let me rephrase that: It wasn't originally supposed to be sexist propaganda. I think it's safe to say that the movie has been turned into that by you know who.
I see a lot of people labeling Ghostbusters (2016) as sexist propaganda and saying it shit on their childhood...I'd like to ask these people to please stop. Actually watch the movie before you go criticising it. I'm not a fan of remakes, but I am going to at least be fair to it.
Considering that I like Drampa a lot, I hope he has good stats in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Well this is...interesting

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2016, 2:32 PM
  • Listening to: (music in general)
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl: The artic Incident
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Eating: Sandwhich
  • Drinking: Kool-aid
Discliamer: If there are any formatting errors, please be patient with me. I am on my PS4 at the time of typing this and formatting is not easy on the PS4 web browser.

So it been months since I last posted a journal. Those status updates really come in handy for posting smaller subjects that would honestly be a waste of a journal. Obviously this means that I am not going to type a journal unless I have some really big thing to talk about.... or at least something I consider big enough to talk about. I want to talk about a group of YouTubers I discovered very recently. I refer to these people as DeviantART commentators, but I beleive they can also be referred to as DeviantART Ranters (I'm not quite sure on that. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Basically this is any YouTuber that looks at particulary low quality art or just staright up non-art on DeviantART...and it usually is what would be defined as "fetish" art.

Warning: we will be mentioning many fetish related subjects

Now we have a lot to talk about here, so I am going to break this down into several sections:

- The fetish art that is looked at
- How these YouTubers handle low quality art and/or non-art
- How their fans react
- The allegations they make
- What I think overall as a whole

The Fetish art that is looked at

Ironically I haven't seen anything relatating to Latex, Rubber, Leather, BDSM, Encasement, Cocoons, Hypnosis, Mummification, or Transformations...yet. It's mostly the odd stuff like Inflation, flattening, severed heads, shit-filled diapers, vore bellies, disintegration, and giant bellies. I've noticed that there is distinct difference in quality between the two groups I just mentioned. The difference is so apperent that I have to throw in a very distinct indicator for whom I am talking about as we all know "fetish" is a very wide term. For the sake of discussion, I will refer to the first group I mentioned as group A and the second group I mentioned as group B.I have observed a massive amount of immaturity from group B. It's practically to the point where I actually don't consider those people anywhere near people like me and people like Alodo, Stalker5999, Shennanigma, and Parangsakti. On the grounds of quality, the distinction gets even wider. We are renaissance masters compared to the hacks I've seen featured in the aforementioned videos. People in Group B are usually talentless blokes who either use paint and the circle tools or use sprite maker sprites...and still don't put any effort into their "art." They also appear to shoot down all forms of criticism because their "art" is just so GOOD. Also I think of them might be messed up in the head. Someone will tell them off and point out that they are talntless hacks and the group B people will be like "Thanks for the compliment!" Is that supposed to be sarcasm?

If you ever seem someone from Group A responding in a sarcastic or serious manner, it's usually because someone is harassing us and not actually contributing to anything. Personally I'll just block those people, but that's just me. But speaking of that, I won't block someone who provides legitimate criticism. But I will block people who insult me, flamebait the comments section, or just be excessivley negative in general. I refuse to let my comments sections get toxic like that. Yes, I have fetishes and I take things seriously.

And just to be clear: Unless I specifically mention you, do NOT immediately assume I am talking about you.

How these YouTubers handle low quality art and/or non-art

I can't say for sure in this instance because I have only heard of about 4 of these youtubers. But it sounds like it is mixed bag. Some handle this art with maturity with a few jokes here and there while others mean well but are overwelmingly negative. I can admire people who are trying to help despite how negative they might come off as. But I do not condone the behaviour of people who are negative just to be negative and don't fully understand how critique and criticism work. Although I noticed that there is a lot of generalizations. These Youtubers like to group people together. Despite my group of people having legitimately good art even if you don't like the subject matter, we get grouped in with people who draw characters with shit filled diapers and use paint and sprite makers 24/7. This actually infuriates me to no end. If there is one thing I hate about modern society (among other things), it is how the majority of people like to generalize to make a point. My art may not be the best, but at least I put some gosh darn effort into it.

Yeah... a mixed bag....

How their fans react

How do you think they F***ing react? I know my favorite YouTuber wants me to leave them alone, but let's go witch hunt this person anyways! In the name of my favorite YouTuber desptie the fact they don't want me to!!!  Obviously this is not every fan, but these Youtubers have a few fans that just have to be THAT person. How do I know? Every single one of the Youtubers have to put in a dislcaimer and/or address this issue. It is truly sad when someone is told to be mature and does the direct opposite of that. Keep doing it guys, you're making me lose even more faith in humanity.

And this next point also ties in with the previous section. Now low-quality and non-artists do need to be reined in and taught that their "art" needs some gosh darn effort put into it. But at the same time, fetish artists like myself who actually do put effort into their work need to be left alone. If you do not like my latex art, I did NOT make it for you then. There is an audience for my latex art and YOU are not apart of it, so leave me alone unless you want to make a legitmate critique. If you do not like something, do not enage with it. Freaking dumbass Watchmojo always pops up in my reccomened videos section on Youtube, but do you see me going and posting hate on their videos? NO, becuase I ignore them. I do not like their videos, so obviously they are not for me. But if I want to make legitimate critique and criticism, I will do just that. Although, that may be impossible soon as YouTube seems to be taking a page from SJW's, but that is a topic for another journal.

The allegations made

Oh boy, remeber what I said about genralizations? This sort of ties into that. I've seen this one YouTuber call all fetishists creeps. To be fair, half of fetishists are creeps. But not all of them me. I know when and when not to bring up my latex fetish. Hell, I even warn people in my journals when I am about to talk about latex and things of that nature.

And yes, I have seen pedophile allegations thrown at people left and right. Are you honestly surprised? All I can say is save it for people who actually committing the crime, not random people on the web just drawing stupid drawings. And don't even get me started on how there is rule 34 art everywhere for characters in modern media who have never actually made it to adulthood conically.

What I think overall as a whole

Despite how cancerous their fans can get, have people ciritque art on DeviantART is not an inherently bad idea. Some people do need to be reined in. Hell, I may even try my hand at these kind of videos. God knows I have certainly enough shitty art to last me a life time. Seriously, the screen when you first login is atrocious and makes me lose faith in humanity....

Anyways, I could easily do these kind of videos myself. I'm used to giving out critique and I like ot think I'm not too bad at it. God knows I've certainly had to do it when looking at MOC topis on Bionicle message boards.

And that's all I have to say for now. I have more thoughts, but I will save them for another journal. If you see any spelling, grammar, and/or puntuation errors; please let me know. I have read this over, but I am not perfect. Also any deviants mentioned here were for the sake of example. Nothing more, nothing less. I also have avoided mentioning any YouTubers as to not look like I am calling people out.

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[Marvel Symbiotes] Carnage or Venom? 

6 deviants said Venom
3 deviants said Carnage



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